Hi, I’m Giovanni.

UX Designer

Focused on putting people over profit and ginger beer over coffee. Based in the Seattle area.


latest work

Elliot Onboarding Redesign

UX Design
Business Strategy
Web Design

A project to redesign Elliot's onboarding experience to increase completion rates, revenue, and reduce friction for the customer's experience.

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latest work

Digital Future Lab Internship

Game Design
Project Management
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

This covers my internship at the Digital Future Lab (DFL) where I helped lead our design team to build and refine 30 levels and various game mechanics in 3 months for the lab's latest publicly released game entitled SEED.

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About me

I'm an engineering student turned game designer turned UX designer and I wouldn't have it any other way. I design mobile and desktop experiences. I'm especially passionate about navigation and onboarding experience design.

I take a lean approach as I find the audience, build empathy with them, design user flows and user journeys based on the empathy built, and then produce screens (information architecture, wireframing, mockups, design language systems, prototyping) in a design sprint fashion where feedback is collected and addressed between each sprint.

I love making things that previously didn't exist for overlooked audiences. The reward isn't just providing a solution to the audience but also helping the audience become more visible. As a member of communities whose pain points are largely invisible to the general public, helping audiences become more visible and being an advocate for those users is what drives me as a designer.

Outside of design I'm a car enthusiast, political junkie, avid anime/manga lover, and ginger beer connoisseur.